Monday, December 31, 2012

Fuck The Hard Rock Cafe.

I'm gonna say it because it needs to be said. Fuck the Hard Rock Cafe and everything that has to do with that establishment. There's nothing Hard Rock about it and it's staff and security are a team of pricks.
This post was suppose to be about the Aggrolites and how refreshing it was to watch an L.A. band bring back the roots of soul and reggae, but after a few songs into the show I was asked to leave because I was taking too many pictures and was too close to the stage. Yup, after a 6 hour drive and a paid for ticket I was escorted out of the venue and hungout with the merch guy for the remainder of the show. Which is another thing, who has their bands sell their merch outside in the hallway of a casino?
Don't support the Hard Rock Cafe. Bands don't book your shows there. It's a washed up commercialized idea of what rock n roll is and goes against everything that is DIY.
Support your local small venue. Support your local dive. Don't support a spot that hires a bunch of bonehead security guards to push you around and keep you in your place. There ain't nothing rock n roll about that.
Get the word out. Re-post this, tweet this, do whatever you want. I really don't care if I get banned from this place, I wouldn't wanna be associated with a spot like this anyway.

On with the show...

Okay maybe I was a bit close on this one. Haha...
Getting booted after this picture wasn't all that bad. Like I said, I hung with the merch guy and after getting to know one another he kicked me down with a CD and a few stickers. Cheers to that dude whatever your name is, amigo! I'll be seeing ya on the road again I'm sure.

(singer Jesse Wagner)
Stay free.

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